Delivery Info

Non-Wedding Cake Orders
  • Delivery: I charge a flat $10 fee plus $0.40 per mile round trip for small cake orders and a flat $25 fee plus $0.40 per mile round trip for 3 tiered non-wedding cake orders. I can also meet at the Community Coffee House 13759 Coursey Blvd (between Sherwood Forest and Jones Creek not Airline) for no charge. This is the only meeting place. Meet times are scheduled between 9 am and 6 pm dependent upon availability. Delivery orders are given scheduling priority. Please schedule a pickup time at least 48 hrs. in advance. Please arrive on time at the scheduled meet time. 
  • Transporting Cakes:

    *I am not responsible for transporting issues if you choose to pick up your order*

    1. Please ensure that you arrive for pickup in a vehicle that can accommodate the size cake that you order. Extra-large and sculpted cakes are often not in a box or in an open top box. 
    2. Cakes travel best when they are placed on a flat surface. I suggest on the floor board or in the back of an SUV where the cake cannot slide around. Do not transport the cake on the seat or on someone’s lap. 
    3. While driving, do your best to avoid sudden starts and stops. 
    4. Once you pick up the cake, you should go straight to your destination. The longer the cake is out of the refrigerator the softer the buttercream will become. Once the buttercream softens, you increase the chance of the cake layers and decorations shifting in transit. Refrigerate cakes that will not be eaten within 2 hours. 
    5. Pickup the cake box from the bottom, not the sides. Pressure on the sides of the box can cause damage to the cake.
Wedding Cake Orders
  • Delivery Cost: Delivery charges for all Wedding Cake orders are based on location (determined by zip code) and cake size. 
      -  Wedding Cakes Orders (excludes 5 tiered wedding cakes): 
    - Baton Rouge: $50 flat fee
    - Outside of Baton Rouge: $50 fee plus $0.50 per mile round trip
    - French Quarter and CBD: $75 fee plus $0.50 per mile round trip
  • Delivery Time: Most venues allow vendors to set up 1.5 to 2 hours before the start of the event. Please check with your venue before scheduling a delivery time. 
  • Displaying Cakes: Any cake placed outside or in a non-air-conditioned space during an event has the possibility of melting or deforming due to the heat. Please also ensure that the cake table is level/stable and is fully setup prior to delivery of the wedding cake. I am not liable for damage to the cake once it has been delivered due to heat or the cake being moved. Wedding cakes are not delivered boxed.